Our practice is beyond shapes. It is an opportunity to tune into and experience ourselves in totality, in the absence of judgement and analysis.


My classes involve working with movements of body and breath with periods of relaxation at the beginning and at the end.

Diversity and unity of yoga is inspirational:  Anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, ability, gender or social status.

Yoga is a science and art that guides us towards a state of unity, integration and absence of conflict with ourselves and with our surroundings.

My Classes

One to One Sessions

Some people may feel they would like to receive more focused attention and a session tailored to their preferences, needs and limitations. 

For some people, one to one sessions can be very helpful for deepening their practice. 

One to one sessions are charged at £30/hour.

Contact Iraz

Movement is expression of life.

Email: iraz@irazkeelingyoga.co.uk

Phone: 07743 820 578

Registered with Apanaveda School of Yoga
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About Yoga

The reality of yoga is beyond making shapes or working hard. Yoga deals with our totality. It invites us to explore the life force expressing itself through the movements of body, breath and mind.

Yoga brings freedom and spaciousness to the body – away from conditionings, habits, analysis and judgement of the mind as we become attentive to the physical sensations of the body.  A relaxed, sensitive and free body translates into a free-flowing breath and an awake, alert, observant and fluid mind.

In our practice, our perception is not clouded by an ideal way of being or achieving a posture.  We combine the understanding of total integration of movement, body and breath with our sensory experience. 

We take time to listen, be considerate and sensitive about what is happening in the body and its requests as the body moves in through space supported by the ground.  Our guard drops, we stop resisting.  When we stop trying too hard, tension and rigidity leaves and we release and soften.  From this acceptance and gentleness, a hidden strength arises delivering groundedness, focus and calm.

As our practice deepens, a sense of overall well-being takes place and the natural balance of stability and ease gets re-established in our being.

About Me

I graduated from Apanaveda School of Yoga and have been teaching yoga since 2018.

Even though I have been practising yoga since 1998, yoga became my passion 7 years ago when I began to train with my long-term teacher Victoria Adamson, on a one to one basis.

I also studied advanced Pranayama under the discipline of Swami Gitananda and Classical Pranayama with Victoria and took part of Inner Engineering course of Sadhguru.

Since graduation, I have been deepening my knowledge of philosophy, anatomy and movement; studying and learning from some wonderful and inspiring teachers.  I have been evolving as I meet new inspirations and find more freedom in my own journey as a yogi.  I am continuously embracing my individual exploration of practising and teaching.

I am very fortunate to have attended workshops by Bill Wood, Julie Martin, Pete Blackaby, Gary Carter and John Stirk.  I study and work with Victoria Adamson on regular basis and with Bill Wood as often as I can.

I feel privileged that I will to be taking part of John Stirk’s ‘What lies beneath’ course designed for yoga teachers in 2020.

I live in Brentwood, Essex with my husband, son and three dogs.

What my clients say

How yoga has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

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Calliope Grey
Practising for 6 months
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Hector Aldo
Practising for 2 months
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Silvia Cruz
Practising for 4 months